On www.dominiquestudios.com we use affiliate links and we work together with various (camera) companies. We are happy to explain what that means exactly, how it works and what you notice on this page.

Affiliate Links

The use of these types of links is a common way of entrepreneurs/bloggers/vloggers to earn a small amount of money in an accessible way by recommending specific products to their target group. This website features many products that may be of interest to image makers. It is possible that there are links to, for example, the product or a YouTube video I made about that product. The link to the product can sometimes be an affiliate link. With such a link I can earn a small percentage of the purchase price, without it costing you as a buyer more.

How does that work?

Let’s say you look at our ‘Gear’ page about all the equipment we recommend. You see a product that you find interesting and you click on the link. You will arrive at the product page of the company that sells that product, from which you can purchase if you wish. The link you clicked contains a piece of code that leads to this website. The company can see it’s ‘our’ code/link so they know you bought from them through our website. Thanks to that referral, we are “rewarded” by the company, provided you buy something, of course. Are you not buying anything? Then nothing happens. This reward does not affect your purchase amount.

So I don’t pay anything extra?

Correct! There is no difference between ‘buying yourself via the company’s webshop’ or ‘buying via the affiliate link’. You pay the same price in both cases. For you as a buyer it does not matter, but for the entrepreneur / blogger / vlogger whose link you click does. However, it does affect how the payment is distributed. In this way you can ensure that – without it costing you anything extra – the entrepreneur/blogger/vlogger who recommends the products to you, earns something from it. This way, the money not only goes to the large companies, but you also support the small(er) entrepreneurs!

Why do we recommend specific products?

We only recommend products and software that we use or have used ourselves. We also clearly indicate on the ‘Gear’ page which products we still own or do not own. This way we keep everything transparent and you can be inspired in complete freedom.